Sunday, August 11, 2013

Meeting Notes 81113

Wolf - Clean drawing
head on right and chains on left

Thorstein -
these edits on the side by side 2
Pieces in PSD sent to me for rigging.

Luis & Steve_
Clean up your assets and send to me today or Monday. Post the PSD here:

We're going with a neutral lighting fom 2 (might use 3 lighting later), clouds from 2 and mountains from 1 for the style. I'm gonna use as many of your assets as I can in the scene when building it.

I can screen share with you guys on google hangout as I build it and you can tell me to make adjustments and see what other assets are needed.

After I build it I'll send you guys an asset folder and screen shots to tweak lighting and style to unify the scene.

Your deadlines are still here, you last character needs to be done and parted for rigging by Aug 17th.

Rig wolf and Mecanim.

Eat some maple bacon.

Friday - Sunday Thorstein/Menus/GUI/Environment/Level building Jam at the EDIT: ART BUILDING.

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