The Saga of Erik: Style Guide

We're going for a stylized, darker tones, flat, sharp contrast look, with lots of straights and angles referencing:

Mike Mignola


Splits into 3 separated screen lengths, each screen is 1.5 screen lengths long in a 16:9 aspect ratio
(note: the following screens are 1 screen length long).

 Lower saturation with cooler darker tones to allow characters to pop out more.
  1. 2 similar main color tones,
  2. black (try not to distribute your blacks too evenly across the screen),
  3. and 1 other vibrant color that will pop out 

  1. Foreground
  2. Midground (Player)
  3. Background
  4. Far Background
  5. Sky


More saturate with warmer tones to pop out more.
  1. 3 main colors
  2. black for shadows
  3. and small details can have other colors that are vibrant

Characters will be split into body parts and animated in Spine, combining the use of tween animations as well as traditional animation techniques.

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