Tuesday, July 16, 2013

New Side By Side for Comparison [Update]

Time to discuss things that need to be tweaked in style and such between the characters.

Also! The image is in a 16:9 aspect ratio with characters to scale, so fitting it to your screen will give you a pretty accurate representation of the size of the character in game. (With Firefox/Chrome you can view the image and hit F11 to full-screen the browser.)

[Update!] I got notes from everyone I could, here they are...
Starting from the left:
Odin: Still fine, still on hold for now, watch for brightness saturation of others when we eventually vector.

Geri: This note is for Jimi. Possibly add another detail, but depending on the wolf armor when we get there. (Pipe maybe?) Either base his beard on the triangular concept art, because the braid + poof has gotten a bit common OR blend his beard style with Odin's.

Leif Eriksson: Brighten up his clothing, maybe an olive color for more contrast. Bring more attention to the belt buckle with brightness (Color of the peacock gaunt?).

Thorstein Eriksson: This is the brightness/saturation level we're aiming for. Belt buckle/metal bits blend with his skin a bit much, make the metal bits the color of Leifs peacock gaunt? Overall a bit warm, maybe change the skirt color to something cooler? For the side view you'll probably have to redraw the arms in side view rather than using the 3/4s ones. Also needs a little bit more in detail (Shaman/Thorvald needs to lower his detail a bit, try two have the two chars meet in the middle detail wise).

Thorvald Eriksson: Brighten up his clothing and beard, (gaunt and clothes, also feathers and beard blending a bit). His brofist thing should be bigger, (size of previous iteration or bigger?). Torso is a bit busy so drop the tattoos probably. His skin tone is a bit yellow (cuz of filter), grab the skin off Leif. Your rendering style is the preferred style, also lines are good. Ask Jimi for more specifics. Also if you can figure out a painting style that works with cloth but is also soft then good.

Happyboot: You already fixed the face issues, so good. Decrease the brightness a tiny bit.

Baldbeard: Decrease the brightness a tiny bit.

Overall: Players and Enemies should have the lines around the characters, I'll ask Chris about how he did/organized his. Also the brothers are being unified with the Brofist element and a Blue element so make sure those stand out. Saturation levels will probably be adjusted by one person when environments are finalized.

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  1. Updated with notes I got from people! Not sure how to get it to the top, but please read and make your adjustments and add any notes that I might have missed.