Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Environment Style

Hey guys! Sorry it's taking forever to get going with these backgrounds. I changed the direction based on advice from Steve and am now in the process of populating the environment to flesh things out. This is just an in progress shot of how things are going. 

Update, Tim: This is the current progress of the mock up so far, any more crits, edits, and tweaks will be much appreciated as the style for the town (and game) environments are finished up.

Many thanks to Jen and Steve for the cool look!


  1. Not particularly a fan of the front house's roof. Looking back at the ref sheet for the environments, I really like how the roof was done there, where it wasn't so clean. I think there should also be cast shadows coming from objects, as they will add "darks" to the image which will really help draw a viewer in (rule of thumb with most games is that unless you're doing something special, a scene should be 50% grey/neutral tones, 35% white/black, and 15% black/white). The front bridge should be more saturated imo to help it pop out a bit more, maybe with a color similar to the door on the front house. I think the starting camera should be moved to the right more, as there's really nothing interesting about the space on the very left of the scene.

    Last thing, but I think you shouldn't be afraid to exaggerate the architecture.

  2. Here's a paintover I did on how I think it should look:

    1. That looks great Steve, thanks! I like how you pushed the shapes on things, it's a lot more dynamic.