Friday, July 26, 2013

Meeting Sunday!

Hey guys, we're meeting again on Sunday at Stritch at 12:00 pm.

Character Art
We're gonna take a look at the next wave of characters and update the side-by-side.

Also we'll assign characters areas to help with figuring out a color guide for environments that let these characters pop more.

We'll take a look at a few ideations of town environments from Chris and Steve and flesh out the style guide some more.

Also we'll a look at a few examples of other game environments (Castle Crashers, Shank, Teslagrad) with our characters on them to find what elements will help our designs.

Also we'll be looking at the Trello Cards on a few areas in level 1 that are blocked-in and will need to be VisDev'd. On those cards we'll take a look on what information will generally be there and I'll get feedback on what other information you need.

How to work with the skeletal rigs and where they'll be on the google drive. Also how they'll work in game.

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