Sunday, July 28, 2013

Meeting Notes 07281

           When you're done moving, Thorvald Side View and Edits from side by side note
           If you had a color script upload it.
           Concept out the armor Sunday and pass off to Jimi.
           After that vectorize Odin (you can do this in photoshop if it's easier. 300dpi)

           Upload last weeks 2 goblins,
           Finish Baby Goblin (Wednesday) & Mama goblin (Saturday)
           If you have your concept backgrounds from Friday, please upload.

           Work on Loki until Canada and upload.
           Eat some poutine.
           When you return finish Loki.

           Update the Geri textures based on the concept piece.
           Rig Geri.
           Wait for Armor stuff.

           Rig Norway Villagers, Thorstein 3/4s view
           Goblins and Thorstein Side when they're up
           Update the animation update scripts (dual/single rigs)
           Continue blocking/scripting the town
           Finish up menus

           Concept ideations for style. Castle Crashers, Shank and Teslagrad for reference. (Wednesday)
           First pass of tilesets for Town (Saturday).
           Start working on town environments (Trello Cards).

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