Sunday, June 16, 2013

Meeting Notes: 061613

Story/Level Notes
Story is looking solid, needs more finessing and clarity. We have enough to know where to proceed though. There are two new documents on the drive titled "Level One: Gameplay and Asset Economy" and "Overall: Story and Heroes Journey Notes". Please look them over and check to see if they make sense. If you have suggestions or are confused at points make a note with highlighted text and we'll look at it and fix the issue. 

After fighting enemies we might give the players tokens to save up for new skins for weapons. We also are considering health boosts, jewels, etc as potential rewards. 

Style Guide
The rough environment style guide is on the server under Concept Art > Environments > Reference. It still needs more detail, but it'll give you guys a rough idea of what we're looking at so far. 

General - We want to shoot to have characters be "rig-able" by Saturday. This means finishing design, doing color, and finalizing the characters in Flash by then. 
Leading foot is draw forward, other foot is drawn the other way. 

Christina - Comps for townspeople. 
                Keep volumes and textures (leather, feathers, fur, metal) in mind. 

Chris - Remove square piece from the helmet
          Make sure the shapes within the face are not too similar
          Lower the boa and separate out the shape of the head from it. 
          Design out the belt buckle. 
          Take out the Raven head from the boa
               Maybe add it to the gauntlet instead 
          Go with number 4 for color

Steven - Looks a little bit more like a bad guy this time. 
             Round out wolf head and nose 
             Change out claw for regular hand (Needs to wield two axes) 
             Tim LOVES Nipple Rings (Jk, he thinks they might be too much) 
             Warpaint looks good and solid.
             Belt buckle is looking cool 
             Change the feet to be less hoofey. 
             Add perspective and form to mesh on right gauntlet. 
             Have color ideations by Wednesday. 

Jen  - Get on dat gauntlet level. 
         Finish redesign for Leif
         Finalize examples for environment. 

Rudy - Do a turn around for the Dire Wolf for Jimi
           Finesse colors (We liked the top left most one, the yellow one next to that, and the far right one) 
           Make sure color is aiding in distinguishing larger shapes (like the belt vs the body armor)  

Tim/Chris/Jimi - Polish the story, finalize elements. 
                        Ask around for animators

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