Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Before I do the turnaround : 
How are these armors looking? 
Should Gary be heavily or lightly armored?
Do you want the turnaround with armor on Gary?
The bottom two are just all my layers turned on, but it gives a very heavily armored look.
Should I lose the helmet/mask?



  1. Personally, I like the more lightly armored wolves. I like how the 2nd row 1 and 2 are looking. As for a turn around, I'll have to ask Tim. If the armor breaks off in game, I will need a non armored version as well as an armored version.

  2. These are looking good. I think the 2 row 2nd and 3rd column are looking pretty solid. Mostly I'm concerned about how well it reads, and those two seem to have stronger silhouettes.