Saturday, June 8, 2013

Meeting Notes: 060713

We had a small meeting today just to get some business out of the way before we proceed. There have been a lot of questions about both the character intents and style guides so we tried to address those and iron out the details. We have also been working out the level flow and story in more depth as we go along.
Work pace might continue to be a little slow as we figure out the details of the level flow, story and characters. This will pay off later we are able to issue assignments with solid foundations and direction.

For characters: on the drive there is a new folder called "Character Depth Questions". Tim and Jimi have started breaking down character personalities/histories in it to try to help define motive and purpose for them in the game. It should be helpful for design. So far we have Thorstein, Thorvald, Odin, and Geri the dire wolf.
Link to the folder!:

Level Design
On the drive there is a new document called "World 1 Environment/Flow" detailing the rough progression of the story in terms of the levels.

Meeting Times
We were also considering changing the meeting times to Sunday in the afternoon rather than Friday. If this does or does not work for your schedule please let us know in the comments.

Style Guides
For the shape design style guides I noticed a lot of people had question about the use of curves vs straights. I should rephrase that to say that we are mostly avoiding geometric stylization of the characters. Rather, characters should have rounder, softer shapes that lend to a more organic look. Straights vs curves will still be present.
This week I worked out a rough pass on Leif to demonstrate how style should translate to the final designs. As previously mentioned in the style guide, because of the animation software we are using we felt vector illustration with no lines would be the best way to keep the art consistent. The process is pretty tedious at first, but ultimately is easier control in terms of finish and quality.

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  1. Sunday is good for me as well! Tim and I are almost done with the 20 questions for the characters, and you can find it in the Google Drive under documents.

  2. link to the folder

    Sunday works for me too.

  3. sunday works for me too.

    Sorry i havent posted my stuff. I should have something up tonight.