Saturday, June 8, 2013


Odin and his BFF. I'll try to get more ideations for these two this weekend. I'm try to get a more epic  feel out of these guys. Maybe armor, jewelry type stuff for Mr Wolf.


  1. Hey Rudy! You are doing an amazing job with all these ideations! I just wanted to let you know, Tim and I decided that Geri the wolf will be a background boss. Which means that he will be mostly in the background of the stage, and his head and paws will come into the foreground to attack them. An example of this Sigma from Megaman X ( the 2:00 mark) He will also be modeled in 3D

  2. Also he is going to be chained up and the players have to break the chain to free him, so if you do add awesome badass armor on him, also figure out where you can put chains on him so he can be tied down and captured.

  3. Aight sounds good. Ill git on it. FYI I get the boss battle cus I OWN Mega man X and X2 for the SNES.