Sunday, June 2, 2013

Meeting Notes: 053113 - 060113

Art Team: Steven and Chris will polish Thorvald and Thorstein. I will finalize Leif. We need to start on ideations for Odin, the dire wolf they fight in the beginning, and other potential enemies in Norway.

Also! Please post scans etc of your work as soon as possible to the Google drive. I will compile them and post them to the blog after you do so. Outside of game jams please post your work to the blog as you go along to stay updated with the group. 

Game Designers: Ledge mechanic - check whether the player tiles and the background tiles are aligned in the one specific way that allows for a given action.
(Level 1 Block in and functions)
Push - Get collision flag and getButton, apply animation to langmanpushbodies
Control scheme
Camera touch ups


Thorvald and Thorstein are the sons of Erik the Red, the founder and chief of Norse settlements in Greenland; and the brothers of Leif Ericcson, the noted explorer and early settler of Vinland. The two brothers are sick of living in the shadow of their oldest brother and father. After being shown up by leif again they leave the village and seek advice from the all-father Odin in his temple.
Odin tasks them with spreading his influence through other temples in distant countries so that they may discover new lands as Leif had. In order to aid them Odin grants them powers of the raven and wolf. The two Erik brothers thus travel from Norway to Russia to the Persian Empire and finally to Mongolia.
However, upon returning to Norway rather than receiving the praise and honor they feel they deserve, they find their homeland desolate and ruined. After battling their older brother they learn that it was Loki disguised as Odin that granted them their quest, and Loki who's influence they spread The brothers must now use the collaborative techniques they learned over the course of their journey to defeat the trickster god.

Thorstein: the brute character, given the power of the wolf. His tools are two axes that serve as weapons and give him the ability to climb walls. He is missing one eye.

Thorvald: the shaman, given the power of the raven. His tools are stone gauntlets with magic properties.

Leif Ericcson: the famed explorer and settler of Vinland, also the older brother of the two protagonists.

Odin: the all-father, ruler of Asgard, god of war, victory, death, magic and prophecy.
Loki: a shapeshifter and trickster god, envious of the gods in Asgard he desperately seeks to outshine them.

15 Levels Total: Five different "worlds".

First World: Norway
     Mini-Boss: Dire Wolf
     Boss: Leif

For the Shaman

General Mood

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