Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Meeting Notes: 052813

Hey guys! The first meeting went well! Below is a summary of what we discussed. 

Meeting Times
We looked at the schedule and tentatively will be meeting on a weekly basis for work days every Friday. For those unable to make this meeting time we will continue to post critiques, meeting summaries, and notes on the blog. Every month we should have at least two game jams wherein we will sit down together in the same place and hammer out work for 48 hours. 
Our first game jam will start at 9:00am on the 31st

Art Team: Each member will work on designing four main characters, which will comprise of a male and female version of both the brute and the mage. More information on each character and their mechanics can be found within the Level 1 Goals document on the drive. 
We also would like to have everyone play a few of the games listed below and research the mythology of our proposed areas. On top of this, if you have not already done so, please enter your approximate weekly schedule into the Schedules document. 

Those Other Lewsers: Refer to Programming log for weekly schedule of tasks. 

Game Jam Assignments
Art Team: Finish main four characters
                Start enemy ideations
Tim/Jimi: Refer to Programming Log

Discussion Notes

13 Levels total
First level: Norway 
     Boss: Loki (ends in loss)
Second level: Eastern Europe
     Boss: ???
Third level: Persian Empire
     Boss: ???
Fourth level: Mongolian Empire
     Boss: ???
Fifth level: Hell 
     Boss: Loki 

Shooting for PC platform with PC friendly keyboard controls. 

In single player mode puzzles specific to the secondary character will be disabled. 

Gender compromise: Instead of having two male characters, players have the option to play as female counterparts. 

Story ideas need to be fleshed out more. Some suggestions were...
+ Playing up the Yggdrasil Tree mythology
   Other gods could come and take parts of the tree in hopes of gaining power, thus giving the two characters an incentive to venture out of Northern Europe. 
+ Having the characters go out to different parts of the world for specific weapons/materials. 

Death mode needs to be figured out. Proposed ideas are as follows
+ Have a "rally" style death wherein the character's health/life can be partially restored if they can fight back/kill an enemy. 
+ Valkyrie enemy comes down and both players have to fight her off. This character would soley attack the dying team member, who will be made immune to further non-valkyrie damage. 

Flock of ravens would respawn the characters. They could also be an indicator of puzzles. 

Important Documents on Drive
Level 1 Goals: General overview of assets and goals for the first level of the game. Refer to this document for information on animation and mechanics.  
Schedules: Approximate weekly schedules for all team members. 
Programming Log: Weekly assignments/goals for game design/programming team. 

Texture Packer

Reference Games
Teslagrad (Not playable)
Scott Pilgrim the Game
Trine 2
Metal Slug
Rayman Origins
Castle Crashers
The Cave 

Artist Style Reference (Reference Guides on Drive under Concept Art > Characters > Reference) 
Carter Goodrich 



Level Design

Game Design




  1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_mythological_objects

  2. For the Shaman, Floki from History Channel's Viking


    General feel and theme of TBE, The Reward. Companionship, adventure, glory.