Friday, December 20, 2013


Hey guys!

After two weeks being at IGG, I realized there are a lot of things that the viking team isn't doing, and that is why it takes us so long to make our game. During my first day, I was told that there was absolutely no art work done for the project/game  yet that I was to be working on, but he had everything organized in a way where there was no question about what this game was about or what was missing.

-The first thing he showed me were mock ups of what he wanted to game to look like. He took images/buttons/icons from other games and placed them exactly where the REAL assets would go. But, he did that for every lvl, pop up screens, UI, etc he thought there would be. So even tho he just copied and pasted stuff together, after flipping through the pasted images, you'd have a clear idea of how many lvls, pop ups, enemies, weapons, buttons there would be in the game. Doing concept then wouldn't be a challenge because you'd know exactly where that piece would go in the game, the only thing to discuss would be the style.

-He took an existing game and closely based it off that.

- He made a list of everything single asset that needed to be in the game. He also did this for characters and BGS and handed them out. All this was done after doing the mock ups. There was a total of over 100 assets for the game that was listed out.

-Lastly he just divided up the work. My team only has two artists and one lead. If we can do if, you guys can!

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