Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Sorry for disappearing the last 2 weeks. I finally settled in so I will start to post more. Anywayz, I have Thorstein'z side mostly done. I tried to use his arms from his 3/4 view (need to fix that weird tangent with his beard) but I can create some new ones if they're not working.
I'm not sure if I should keep his tattoos either. (he only has it on the left arm)
I also have some new Gary armor/bondage gear. I went for a more eeevil creepy feel this time.
Lemme know what u guyz think.

1 comment:

  1. Welcome back :D

    I'm liking the side view and the thoughts for the run animation, if someone hand animated a few frames for the cape trailing that would be cool too. His front arm should be alright if he's carrying his axe for the run and we'll see for the back arm when it gets rigged.

    We'll need some extra arms for some other side animations too like ledge grabbing but that can wait for now.

    Scaled down I think the tattoos still read fine so I like 'em on him.

    Also for Geri I'm really liking the bottom left and top right ones.

    I need to post these on the blog soon but this is where we are for Environment w/ Steve,, Luis is gonna send us something tomorrow so I'll make a big post on it tomorrow.