Sunday, July 21, 2013

Meeting Notes: 072113

Hey guys! We met today and went over current assignments and future organization. 

Concept Art
EVERYONE_Work on a quick mockup of the colorscript for the first level on the side. We will look at them and pick one to lean towards next week. 
For characters we're going to try to start pumping out characters faster since we're now onto working on more minor enemies/npcs etc. Characters should be finished within a span of a week. To speed up the process post at quickly at each stage of the process, get feedback but don't wait around too long for it. 
Christina_Finish the third villager by Wednesday 
              Work on the Fourth
              (NEXT WEEK)
              Add different colorways for previously finished villagers and variations on details 
Chris_Put up outline guide by Monday morning. 
         Finish Goblin:Common by Wednesday 
         Finish second goblin by Sunday 
Rudy_Finish side view by Wednesday
         Post Geri marking concept 
         Concept out the armor Sunday and pass off to Jimi
Steve_Experiment with flatter style
          Pay attention to lighting and consider how the color of light/sky/bouncelight effects things.

Tim_Finish blocking in the level. 
       Resolve rig issues
       Do yo thang. 

Jimi_Finish texturing, follow Rudy's color concept. 
        Work on your portfolio      

We need to find animators because we're bad at it! 
_Set up files/assignments to give to them. 

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