Sunday, July 7, 2013

Meeting Notes: 070713

Hey guys! Here are today's meeting noteeesss. This week we're looking at Shank for it's animation and Rogue Legacy for level and enemy designs. We also looked at Trello for a refresher on how that's being organized. 

Chris + Finish rough animations for Thorvald by Wednesday. 
           Meet with Arturo.
Christina + Finish male villager by Wednesday. 
                Finish female villager character.
Jen + Work on sample screen.
        Separate out Leif pieces more. 
Jimi + Finish Geri textures.
          Start rigging.
Tim + Implement as much assets as you can before leaving.
          Work on programming while in Las Vegas.
Rudy + Finish Thorstein 3/4 and Side view.

Because this month's schedule seems a little rocky for most people we're going to be doing single workdays instead of game jams to push production progress. Our next workday is scheduled for Friday July 12th at 11am. Our next meeting will be at the usual time on Sunday July 14th at 3pm.

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