Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Odin Allfarther / Woofs

Admittedly having trouble drawing without straights.
Also: Valknut cape thingy, Yggdrasil/horse hed crown, horsey buckle. 
Are these Odins too human? Maybe he should be more EPIC.
WIth Odin, every day is chest and arms day at the gym!
More wolf buddies. Is he/she supposed to be a super important enemy/ally, Or is it just a mid boss? Should it be a wild and kurazy animal or an old and wise talking type creature? Is big hed woof too cute?


  1. These are looking badass! For the straights thing, you don't have to eliminate them completely, we're just looking for things to be a little more rounded/organic. Odin looks awesome, but I agree that he can be amped up a bit. He's not a playable or frequent character so I believe we can be a bit fancier with his design. His helmet and beard are pretty awesome. Maybe watch how similar some of the shapes on and around his face are.
    The dire wolf is going to be a miniboss at the beginning, but Tim suggested having it be one of Odin's wolves? Either way I would lean towards the more austere looking wolf at the bottom middle. Since all the characters seem to have pretty big heads in the game this should be fine cuteness wise. :)!

  2. Yeah I was looking for a reason to have Odin show up for the brothers at the end of the first level and I thought having the wolf boss be one of his wolves would be a good transition from boss to cool quest gettin'. Like if Odin's wolf was captured by some dudes and is all pissed off and the brothers fight (and free) him, and Odin comes and rewards them with a grand quest to one-up Leif, all at the end of level 1.
    Also big head wolf in the bottom middle is really stoic and cool, Odin looking baadarse.