Thursday, June 20, 2013

Thorstien Colors

Sorry it took me so long to post these. I havent made the changes to the line art yet. I'll be doing that soon.


  1. Hey Steven, I am liking number 5 except the warpaint, maybe use the war paint on number 4? Also maybe wolf head of number 6, just try it out to see if it works, if not keep the wolf head on 5. Lookin good~ :D we gotta get the vector done by saturday!

  2. -Beard on 5
    -Wolf on 6
    -Paint on 2 or 4
    -Skirt on 2 or 6
    -Not sure about the helmet
    -Metal pieces on belt and brooch on 3 or just matching the colors of the other brothers.

  3. Hey Steven! This feels like a good start, I think number five has the most solid unified looking palette but the other ones can be explored further. However, the vector is still due Saturday.
    I've uploaded a jpeg with edits on the drive in your character concept art folder.

  4. I'd have to go with #5 with the fiery beard. Possibly combined with the cool bule temp color wolf/loincloth of #6 might bring some focus to the orange beard face.
    Try designing out the warpaint a bit more cus I feel its reading more like ripped shirt. Also maybe use the war paint to break up the shape of his unpainted chest area under his chin.

  5. I like number 5 the most as well. And I agree with Rudy about the warpaint, I thought it was a ripped shirt at first ><.