Friday, June 28, 2013

Next Meeting/GameJam

Just a reminder that our next meeting is going to be Saturday + Sunday, as it will be a GAME JAM. I understand that some will be unable to attend due to moving/jobs/life but that's cool, just drop by to work when you can.
For those who cannot attend here is what will be due Sunday...

Tim - Flesh out Geri boss fight+mechanic

Jen - Separate out shapes more
        Do side view and side rig by Sunday
        Work on foliage

Christina - Look at shape design on other faces and homogenize
                Go with two older and two younger
                Simplify shapes, make them less interesting?

Chris - Flesh out brofist clasps
           Change color of face tattoo to make it clearer
           Vary line weight around eyes
           Finish side view and rig by Sunday

Rudy - Flesh out Geri's turn around without armor
           Rework Thorstein's line art and color Jimi - Model and UV Geri

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