Sunday, May 19, 2013


Hi Guyssss.

This is our blog for the "viking game". We will post all of our art, gameplay, modeling, reference, meeting times and whatever updates on here. Huzzah!

About the Game The Brothers Erik is a 2.5D cooperative beat 'em up and puzzle platformer made with Unity, using the Farseer 2D Physics Engine and Photon Cloud for online coop play. Gameplay revolves around two player characters with three unique abilities each, a melee, range, and supporting skill. To provide a truly cooperative two player experience, the players will also be able to collaborate and combo their skills together for a unique ability in order to solve puzzles and gain an added advantage against enemies.

The environments will be set in Northern Europe, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and the Mongolian Empire. Each area will be populated with local historical warriors as well as mythological creatures. The general period is 1000CE.

We are looking to use 2D animated characters with 3D painted backgrounds and 3D bosses.

As we're going into summer it might be best if we hit the ground running with this and start narrowing down reference and ideations for characters and backgrounds. If you can please comment below on when you guys are available to have the first meeting so we can discuss more there. 



  1. I'll be free after 12 on Tuesday the 21st and only busy on the 24th.

  2. I work at Hydration on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday, so any other day would be great.

  3. after fanime weekend ill be free 29-3rd for the meeting. Also ill be leaving the 3rd or 4th to go back home for a bit and will be back around the 10th~ After we set up regular meeting dates ill start planning around them ^^